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. of citations, with the observations from Rune Jonsson. on this spread it gives a limited image of attivit?i the Ture Sjolander in the zone of the visual limbs. Photographers would not be enough to render all the residual ones of the mechanical pruning. Ture Sjolander has made its debut like visual artist with one visual extension in its citt?ata them Sundsvall. text for the catalogue of the extension. We cite: “.lle resources of a single one photographer are not affinch?li experiments enough are conduct first study for music electronic given the occasion to explore this no-man-earth between theirs frontlines. photographic clear paintings of the extension were approximately lle braces of the meters squared, press in.bianco and black of the diagram, produced with the aid of i. Some of the images were to colors, fact oxidizing the silver of the paper from the photo with the aid of a warm plan-iron. Kurt Bergengren has see again the extension in the article photographer, but a photographic artist and that what?uovo approximately its images?n first place the technique that it uses. Sjolander indicates many new distances - bringing back the art of fotographia to the relati to you photochemical experiments pi?Sjolander?resentato deepened and in relation to this, it has exhibited its on the ventinovesimo of March 1963: “.Si calls a photographic artist, an artist and union photographer of the diagram. ?riuscito with happening - sound like a dream - to join the photographic methods with free creativit?rtistica technological platform, Sjolander ahead takes them on the travels to the realt?ma along other roads that those we have before print. Ludvig Rasmusson has written in the Gaudeamus paper from the student: “.Variando its conventional senses to express from one painting to following, not extension one lack. Not ritenge simply shape of personalit?ell' art, than?ostituita in making is similar of following paint job that one and wishes to force the visore to observe beyond the shape, towards it had perceived the feeding of the word in the art world and had reflected on the so-called nostalgic feeding of fotographia realistic over the papers from the reading of people and the watching TV photo in which it has had images of s?reso, has made a series of ritratti taken. The extension was a protest against “.la word and the so-called realt?otografica falsa„., second the introduction (written from s? The extension was debatable and much written?tato to this written: “.Tutto those who as and the well-involved photo-art look pi?icino to this extension is puttinges in guard seriously against having one enough. It offers urla to them and grimaces, faces crosspiece-eyed and studies of horror of the meat. But all a those who?nteressato in seeing photographer to enter in the cultural debate current, they would not have to neglect to see that “.siete.„. The extension has a tact a lot of relative liberation to it nihilism leaves a press burning on your hairnet and the images. Your eyes begin to see anew. Fencing of the police of the Adolf?tato Fredrik to Stockholm overflowed with the telephone calls from the hosts upset. sergeant?enuto to visit, but could not find qualche.cosa immorale approximately. Ulf Thoren has shown the parts of the extension and Sjolander has coined the expression “.che wishes to exhibit, not to inhibit. During the two weeks that the indicated?tata extension, approximately 10. come to see them, many of they have attracted from the presentation della. to the new shapes of distribution for the visual extensions television and of the external extensions, one would have to be able to attract pi?spiti. meantime, the?tato debate maintained alive in the papers. Walden has written: “.…. the artist has caught up its objective, gi?uando reacts, when something happens between we and the photography. Ulf Linde, between year of the art of I crack and one brace of the months after the new York-nights, all?ncora possible something to happen in the zone of fotographia. Rotogravyr has published a so-called expo-book, with the images from. “.Le its images make the greater part of that what we have seen last year, to the extension Swedish “.gente ambitious like approval from 11 photographers, „. sembr. “.Siete states fotografati„. you are one the tried ones to you pi?ravest of a blow, one of the movements of opening pi?RASSETTO, that it has never hit. Sjolander had produced to the first model of one fine-art extension. Ten tabelloni for the external postings of The Manifest to Stockholm they made part moreover of the extension, like pure directly for this?tato means tried with to the producer Kristian Romare of the Swedish Radio and Broadcasting. faces grimacing of the photographies that gi?rano been indicated on the censured television however completely?tata from the administration of the societ?i. A lively debate has followed, discussing the decided emissions of the authoritarians about own initiative, the moral and the censorship. Kv?sposten of paper, Sjolander has asked: to “.Perch?are the images they must be translate in words. “.L' appearance of the television of Ture Sjolander?aratterizzata from humaneness warm and a humor sense bizzarro and uproarious. relative characteristics “.pi?cioccante„. one is made up of great part of music of the Vivaldi, illustrated from a small boy who is selecting its nose. However, than what?ealmente the greater part of shaking?l sense in which decided of own initiative and name “.della people svedese„., they cancel the program characteristics, which the film of the TV of the Sjolander. thought to leave the opinions and the values opinions of people are developed to liberations?le and hinders all the tried ones to you to move in all October 1965: “.Sjolander moreover it has the opinions and temperament a social product the film kind that I wish to watch - and to produce. Nyheter: “.Sta simply verifying our attitudes regarding the fotographia, arranging it in the unexpected contexts blowups on tabelloni for the postings and then them filma, the result?ealmente challenging: that it revives of the expression they cannot we find the menzogne lessened under the cobweb old of the conventional sights on. Broadcasting has not been able to give some public motivation for the relative one. Although the numerous tried ones to transmit for radio at least the part to you of the program, then the director of the societ?a left its secretary to announce (in a letter) to Sjolander, than has not wished to have a telephone conversation on the matter to grant itself to produce one new film how much far away one could lengthen the limits “.del morale„. in societ?Esibire - in the real meant one of the word - and therefore to use the resources in television like means, was inconceivable. had (like Sjolander) the models photographed knots of the real academy of the fine limbs and images ulteriorly taken of the faces sfrenatamente grimacing. transformed its photographic accumulation with one new technique of the technique of the silk-screen, had represented the photos on burlap of hemp. Ci?ra a traditional and social acceptable sense to introduce its photographic material - a material that would have been. The images have been made in silver and white man, than?n excellent sense of description of the illusion to describe to yours just attitude in the comparisons of realt. numbered and signed, exactly like the social conventions to ask to for the diagram and the burlap of hemp - lured outside the critics us this time written on the ventiduesimo for January 1966: “.La technical it has impersonality of the schiocc-artists the Americans, but in the reason, us?os?anto pi?nteresse in. The moving images of this extension are those where you see these sended gigantic photographies on a sure one wall-I space empty outside over the witness of people - the people that are sliding fast beyond on the way like the anonymous shadows, without to react to new and the elements of. Being in a such haste, they cannot see approximately these images, than they remember it of the documentary film “.l' occhio„. that?tato indicated on the film theatres it determines years ago to you. Annagreta Dyring of the Popul?Fotografi bucket, resumed that what was happened in the fotographia Swedish, she has written this between the other: “.Ture Sjolander were the instigator of a recent event that has caused the great resonance in the world of fotographia Swedish. The grimace in the?rasformato image in in the expression of a defensive provocative attitude in the comparisons of a world perhaps too much in great expectation around we between the image and the spectator bloated, even if it had to be constructed give. It has given an other angle to the democracy of the traditional photography and the worn out senses to introduce the things had obtained (at least do not import retrospettivamente watching it) if the ponticello it were constructed from deep respect, accepted?tato it even if consisted. She was in some way surrealist, with one. The main thing was of giving to the visori something. The putsch cheeky of the Sjolander against thinking standardized and the conformism photographic have preceded - in the relative shape pronounced - other trying to make the same thing in this disturbed country the obsolete senses to you to think in the field of the visual art. Nils Erik Baerendtz, called Sjolander to its for one production of the better television and nemico„., the artist Bror Wikstr?a to work with he on the new. This production has provoked to something that made Sjolander gi?vesse to the spit in its previous film, cio?na dissolution - one. He was something of a protest against the image in hour and then it characterizes the television, has defined the art work come.„. However, the images of the Sjolander have been put in evidence. Its entire order of the day?ostituito in the trasgressione of the conventional slight knowledge of the image and in the exploration of the innate resources of every image for means of different techniques. They have been signed and numbered been from. Those works of art are introduced been in series of TV-programs from the hundreds of the different galleries those works of art simultaneously. Wikstr?e of the Sjolander, “.TEMPO, „. was broadcasting six months before che.„., is produced for the television, than the relative ones they have fastly poich?rodotto in the different places of the world. Nam.June Paik (sopportato in Korea), has applied the same methods when it produces its systems, after having Sjolander- Wikstr?mostrargli “.TEMPO„., is in person who in the broadcasting on the television museum of modern art to Stockholm, suggested that Sjolander would have to make question for one concession of the artist of government of SEK 6. Written Hult?ha: “.Negli last years, Sjolander it has, showing the abilit?randi of inventiveness, worked to the plans that re-unite several different, but to the expensive actions of job. Poich?e its ideas are between pi?nteressanti those that appear in the last years, highly would suggest them to London for?ndato Sjolander, to Paris and Amburgo and have obtained invite to produce one new part of job from the French television. With the foreign correspondent of the paper from main morning Dagens Nyheter, Lars Weck (who was studying then art-plan on large-scale of means with a public of approximately 150 million. Weck has written in Dagens Nyheter on the quarter of February 1967 (before the beginning of their cooperation): “.Ture Sjolander have not used its first one sejour along to the foreign country in order going on wide known monuments of pilgrimages, less that you considered the television one in order to work directly for the television, both perch?ende to every domestic person a gallery and perch??ll' artist many possibilit?Broadcasting Corporation has not shown that all the fine interest is to the French companies that German of the television had invited it to. The determined Swedish TV-production?tata from Kristian. Several European countries have transmitted for radio the production completed, than moreover?tata transformed in different the graphical productions on immense scale, l?rano LP-record “.il monumento„. with Hansson/Karlsson, the book “.monumento„. with an introduction and the technicians of the TV (between others), l?rano extensions of the gallery and external. Other artists have been inspire to you from the material images and colored visual “.dal monumento„. in the oil-color and several woven of you weave them. “.dal monumento„. they have been indicated to. - one of the art critics us respects you of Europe - it has written that unfortunately it could not assist to the entire event because of a travel in the South America, but has had to deposit itself for the last days: “.Ma not to improve. The systems of the Sjolander have hit it with theirs. Moreover they have been hit from acute its instincts, its use poetic of the technology of mass-average - a liberation iconographic to the level of technology of the information - the all in the language of the masses works of art of the Sjolander, that they join the art and the technology, are transformed in in an attempt conserving our survival poetic. happened a true humanitarian and or rather humanistic, in the modern sense of. Sjolander-Weck has formulated a manifesto kind in. Karlsson to Stockholm): “.La art gallery must come to people, obviously it is not working the contrary. At least not if been asking the art for being expressed to you to pi?i one manciata of people greater part of the popular galleries, or the excellent role of the modern museum of the art, must be recognized that in no way to up to now pu?ompetere to means which the television for range -?l our way pi?fficace of. The greater part of people accosentir?he the?stremamente effective television, but in television of the circles of art?isto like nient' other that pubblicit?acchina. programs on an extension, explaining and attractive the hosts to the source in if, that it consists of the exhibited objects de facto. Little people?spetta for accosentiree that the television in if?n half and a gallery for the attended visual artist of new from the myth of she originates them, “.la cosa„. that?#147.l' art in if a concession to this same myth, when the artists of Multiart are asked to sign an edition of 1/300 of the copies to print, cio?egno of the machine a part produced in series of the art worked directly for the screen of the TV, with electronics like your brush, nobody probably would think to having artists to travel around, signing all the million video of the television. Sjolander, with 600 others million visori, has studied the transmissions via. This study has provoked one new production for the Swedish.„. People hour have had color TV and for an artist new part of job has seemed natural to comment those historical events with one. A new made?tato agreement with the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, this time with Sjolander, Bror Wikstr. Nilsson has transported a recently taken unit of the photo of NASA and from the seen inner part like of the human eye of the image contributed with the metraggio of the better film from all theirs. The final comment of theirs “.spazio-opera„. was. The topic of the production was two poles: one, that we call the space (and what we do not know cos?anto approximately however) and the other, what a person records through the eye (and that not. Us? vanit?ell' the man, was that “.spazio„. to that the artists have referred manifest good-selling all over the world they have been produced from this. This time that was working with the ordinary documentary images, nothing published in several countries, which the United States, Canada, United Kingdom. Chaplin “.nelle images, „. was idea of Ture Sjolander and like a compensation for he that she leaves they to assume the direction of and the mockup of the book, the family of the Chaplin has ordered an edition of a graphical folder of art that contains 30 different. The cartelle they have been signed have been signed and numbered been from Sjolander and are signed been from Charlie Chaplin. Sjolander has interviewed is Chaplin that Garbo and he calls those two stelle.„. ?come such, that one has been come to contact of from their million publics people. After in the line for Sjolander. of the?tata photo only used for the reproductions up to now electronic adaptation of the strip of the film, second the principii similar to those that previously it had used?ossibile hour to generate the three-dimensional sculptures with technology of the hologram, in a free sense and. This new sense of generation of the limbs visual?olto expensive and therefore “.lle resources of a single one photographer are not affinch?li experiments enough are conduct wide and deepened recently it has inaugurated relative the first study for music electronic. When photographers and the painters are given the occasion to explore this no-man-earth between consecrated theirs frontlines with the citation that has opened this accumulation of citations, cio?l that?wind Fahlstr?ha written approximately Ture Sjolander in 1961. From the Swedish bucket of the cultivation transmitted for radio only on one rabbet, in in.bianco and black. The thing rovesciantesi that had been indicated up to now, was for Oscarsson that removes its longjohns in the program Hylands H?a of entertainment of the family and this has caused a outcry. It was in those ponds calm, in a moment in which Myrdal January it had still not been hit on the head with the stick of the billy of the Vietnam, than the artists Ture Sjolander and Bror begun Wikstr?hanno to experiment with means of the TV like art-shape to produce 100 litographies, when you to pu?istribuire your work of important art it was the protest against the traditional use of the technology of the television in if and to transform in a average-development a free participation and the necessary support realizes their ideas made a first attempt to produce the art of the television, directly for. „., she was gi?elle TV-guides, but completely?tata censured through the sense of societ?i the Broadcasting. “.Mai they have not given some valid justification to me for their censorship, „. Ture Sjolander says today. Perhaps?tato censured perch?veva photographed the models knots from the angles grotesque and people sfrenatamente. With the longjohns of the Oscarsson, this supplies us a free image of how much far away could go in the societ?vedese of 1968. alive “.Ture in one wood house. ?circondato from the recinzioni, the sculptures mysterious and the threatening signs of the guard-de -- dog is hiding via in its nest, while dreamming of happy years 60. Ture seems fresh and door the iron dressed ones well-covered, observing. Not?lencato in the directory telephone and?stremamente difficult to obtain through to its machine of answer. Sweden and probably internationally, that it has realized possibilit?i the video and of television for the art, cultivation and have advanced the communication. from 1966, it has wished to distribute to its “.video arte„. (even if the invented word still not?tata) via the satellite collaborated with, between others, you wrap it Hansson&Karlsson of the cliff. Author on the books on Greta Garbo and Charles Chaplin. of Video-NU-Videocentrum of association (with 150 members and fifteen members visionario, Sjolander has a bunch of other plans that come in on trying to obtain the government that it constitutes a bottom for so as to to pu?ocumentare the public art in Sweden (or the volont?DONALD' s?l guarantor. He wishes not to render to a film from the book of the Lundqvist “.tabacco, no Hallelujah„. (gi?a bought the rights of the film from the author and a signed?tato contract with the M?n company of. It is planning a travel in New Papuasia possibilit?el half of the TV and of relative feeding to connect with has found an associate in Bror Wikstr? that posterior part was an important talent to the real academy of the fine limbs on that same people that call it a talent. Become Wikstr?sono inseparable and is followed in no steps, has gone beyond the art of cracks, that it was then the art shape pi?strema. of I crack in the face, meaning that we have wished to use those tabelloni for great the external postings and spaces of the wall in underpass arranges as an example, that has inspired the artists of cracks and has been inspires to you to use this space as art space, for the enemy scopes at the same time, we was not working to a completely unexplored topic, we has worked the day and night for one and one met?i years with a new one to manifest, on the television, the extensions of the photo and on. Memory of Bror to make me pubblicit? between announcements for the galleries in Dagens Nyheter: “.Galleria of thought - extension esterna„. in Kungstr??en (the Gardens of the king) in citt?e Stockholm. Kungstr??en?empre one thought gallery, the image that. Bror hour has left the art world, he not to pu?ndare of new to the painting, he not to pu?irare behind the time bijouterie-pittori„. they hated perch?ra they up to now, is. My attivit?urante those years were one. The art critics us were writing via, expressing years ago have introduced a complete presentation approximately a video study for search, formation and production (?tata posposta for the years from the Council of art of Sweden, that he is protesting approximately how much prepared badly we are today. Council of statesmaship for the public art, in order artistic. To the head of the Communist Party, the dressed ones were a covering of the code category of operation, to the head the Boman of right of the party of the wing, the dressed ones were Sunday-better shirt and a dressed gray. (Ture is not taken care of the master of “.Conosco that?ormale and acceptable what in the societ?d at the same time is bored with it catalogue, we can add to that Ture Sjolander, if anyone, can be calls the father to you of video international Swedish art to Stockholm, held from February with March, are successful to convince Sjolander in order to come l? to speak about as all it has begun in. Ture has revealed, immaculately dressed in a dressed white man and one. Ture has begun saying: “.Abbiamo wished the artist really in order to exhibit, in order not to inhibit to the museums and the galleries past of the festival, Ture Sjolander has shown the program of the TV that had been interrupted in 1965, on a large screen of 6x7 m. the exposure approximately punk American and videos underground of the today?ella the same phase that the literature was before that the invention of the Gutenberg of the pressure of stampa„. this is one typical citation gives. It explains: “.Prendiamo an artist which Ulf Rahmberg, that he paints symbolic paintings with satisfying very political. on one painting, using the pi?ostose burlap of hemp and painting to oil. Then it sells it to a sure cursed rich dentist that it closes it in on in. When it has important symbolic cos?essaggio, it would have to paint on the hygienic paper with the varnish of The Manifest and to distribute it on the postcards, The Manifest, the video and the television equally how much the art in if: to equally communicate approximately the?mportante communication how much the way of the communication. the not?nteressante Lisa-painting for if, it?' interaction between the people who watch the painting that?iventato interesting interested in the painting, the relative feeding of the attraction ended after. Fahlstr?la has put this sense once: to “.Appendere in on a Rembrandt on your wall, it mescoler?entro with the model of the linoleum in the limits of a time of weeks an illusion, than the relative?ivo and continuous value and that you can watch them anew a day after that the seguente…. the people that to pu?perimentare that one you must. 1976 and when we come to contact of making Sjolander in part production of the Fahlstr?sta hanging on the walls of one of the galleries pi?retentious de. We have watched the extension and we have thought a po' vertiginous, or. The protests of the Fahlstr?contro the war of the United States in the Vietnam have been sold in order approximately SEK 500, then are speaking about the graphical press. “.In first place: Not creed that tried Fahlstr?abbia to express a protest, he I have connected one modern series of eventi…. It works around in its house, finding the residual ones of the mechanical pruning of the newspaper with citations in order to support its. They are sure that to pu?ssere a difficult bastard. - Once that pits invited to speak about the public art with some old councilmen of public agencie. I have suggested that I would make something with the digital prints great them in concrete, in which rabbets of the digital print them they would be tester of “.Bene, not?he an amusing idea, „. that one said of the old councilmen, “.uno it would have to hope that then it has been of being the digital prints them of the mayor of the citt?alimentato one in on and I have paralyzed from the entire thing, from the disrespect of an idea. I could not see some development. Michelangelo has made, that it was pushing the axe in earth the councilman and the opinion: “.Era my concept, therefore sar?e mine moreover?overnata from desires of the politicians. “.Voi bleeding artist, we wish them to paint a laborer that sta.„. Cos?li artists is adapted and become. There are 400 randelli and one says that hanno.000 members, altogether on the credit side Copco atlas, ICA, Honeywell Bull.?una what of divertimento for that all the day is based their calculating screen, obtains a po' of condition if they can make a sure art-thing nel they free time for theirs raffles of art, has had pi?eglio to be some thing of. The artists hour are inform you of this, cos?erniciano something that satisfies the majority - instead failing. Translate from the Swede from Linda Henriksson. represented artist?i?uono in ours. Chosen secretary and member of the edge of the national association of the professional Swedish visual artists -.O- Konstn?rnas Riks - with beyond 6. Elected as the first Director and Chairperson of the Board, while Curator/ Administrator of the former Swedish National Artist Organisation, VIDEO-NU, Stockholm, an Art Laboratory for new electronic technology financially assisted by the Swedish Government and the Stockholm City Council (corporate 200 individual and 15 members). China Changchun City, International Invitation Exhibition of Sculpture - Permanent installation of two-of-a kind, 3 meters marble-sculptures, at the Square Cultures. County Council, Falun City, Sweden. public artworks in Sweden and in addition. international corporate and. Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts tronic Artworks since 1966 and for the development of art&technology, ' video-art'. The Ministry for the Arts. for Swedish Cultures - Video&Television. The Swedish Government Ministry for Arts, Project Grant for Medium New for Arts, Project Grant - experimental photo- graphics - lightpainting. Linkopings Studies in Arts and Science, Linkopings University. The Collection Of The Qingdao International Art. Winter/issue, 3 full pages) - Fine Art Press Pty fine Ltd. to tune the relevance of art'. UK, ' Video Art at New Castle' by Mandy McIntyre. cover art: ' Ready Maid/Pop Art'. articles in Europe, Australia, China and USA have been published as well as. installations/exhibitions) by writers as: Pierre Restany, Paris?vind. Lunds Konsthall (famous Regional Fine Art Gallery in South Sweden, Lund. exhibition in Stockholm on billboard space of Monumental size. Invited to exhibit with contemporary all -. The Galleries, Biddick Farm Arts Center, Washington Tyne and Wear, New. Selected group exhibition/installation incl. Electronic Art, International Exhibition incl. International Video Art exhibition KULTURHUSET Stockholm Sweden. ' Swedish Contemporary Art' - Six months exhibition. installs-tion. ' Body Paintings Papua New Guinea' - ' The South Pacific Festival. Gallery Umbrella, North Queensland, Australia, 1991. International Sculpture Invitation Exhibition in Changchun, Jilin. Permanent installations of stone sculptures at the Cultures. 1967 long voyage en a Amerique du the 5 South of m' to permis de visiter ` eme Biennial de Paris, ou the exposait, qu' to extreme the end de the manifestation. Mieux vaut tard que jamais. J' to the ete frappe par les oeuvres de. Par soon instinct sur, son usage poetigue medium DES donnees technologiques DES mass: une liberation iconographique au niveau de the technologie de Elle nous concern tous, elle east plus historique que histoire, plus sexuelle que the sexe, plus criminelle que crime, plus objective que n' importe those processus of objectivation. liee aux phenomenes of alteration ET de transformation DES structures visuelles. Cette alchemies de the vision to trouve knows pierre philosophale. DES definitions theorigues ET animee standards de the image s' east mue en vif-argent: mercure DES distorsion libres. optique par rapport au phenomene mental apparait codicils magistracies, the cures of hygiene. Elle bouleverse nos habitudes de perception reflexe, elle stimule notre conscience ET notre gout, elle nous associe au destin structurel de. mutation, ou the peril majeur consists sans doute dans mecanisation passivite DES esprits ET the generalisation of une sensorielle, of modernisme-reflexe saturant a individu, the enterprise collective de, associant art ET technique dans the but of assurer the survie poetique de notre vision, east une enterprise pleinement humaine, que dis-je, humaniste au sens plus modern du terme. animation the Swedish artists TURE SJOLANDER and BROR WIKSTROM to are the. Their television art programme ' TIME ' (1965 - 1966) seems to be the first distortion of video-scan-linens rasters achieved by applying tones from wave. For almost ten years they have been using electronic image-making equipment for to non-traditional. It must be kept in mind, however that SJOLANDER and WIKSTROM have to traditional and solid artistic background. relationship between the video artist and his hardware to that between Ingres. It should be added that real artists like SJOLANDER and WIKSTROM have to natural relationship to any image-making equipment. that respect they differ from most cameramen and tape makers and they may as back loads day as pioneers in other fields of art. surpassed the limits of video and TV using the electronic hardware to produces pictures which can be applied as prints, wall paintings and. new possibilities to other artists, they to are not working halo on to monument of. Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts has decided to support SJOLANDER and WIKSTROM. borders between the art forms to are constantly being redrawn or abolished. arrange their poems as pictorial compositions or record spoken sequences of sound which can hardly be distinguished from musique concr. to are able to build to complete composition around the manipulation of to spoken. Artists sometimes created pictures by striking off newspaper photographs or mixing conglomerates of discarded objects and painted areas into something which is neither picture nor sculpture. mobiles in motion in the constantly changing light effects on to photography and painting is not longer clear, either, and it is easy to. Tingu, the creator of mobiles, started out by making to form of reliefs with moving parts, powered by to machine placed at the. After to while Tingu? began to wonder why he could not equally well show the play of cog wheels and driving belts at the rear and let "machine" and "shapes" become to united whole. have asked themselves why the action of light on photo paper and the development baths could not become to creatives process comparable with the exposure of to motif —. why room work and darkroom work could not become. Among those photo graphic artists, as he calls them, who feel dissatisfied with the dialectic of the traditional photographer’.s relationship to his motif: when he searches for his motif, he is the sovereign. At the very moment that he touches the trigger, he has become enslaved to the motif, without any possibility (other than in terms of light gradation) to I give what painter does —. reshape, exclude. does not have to be disrupted by eliminating the motif. needs to remove the limits to what is permitted and what is not allowed. the copy of to photo remain in the water bath for an hour is allowed (if you want. But leaving it to there for to couple of days is the right thing as well (if you want to let the motif diffuse into deformations soft and silky. Scratching with to needle or to razor blade is making accidents with. chance of manipulating to figurative or not-figurative motif by copying different pictorial elements into it, by enlargements which elevated previously imperceptible structures to the visible level, even up to monumental dimensions. The tension between scratching lines of light into to developed (black) negative the size of to matchbox and enlarging it on the Agfa papers the size of to bed. This is to where the photographer has at his command tricks of his art which the painter lacks, or at any installments seldom uses. But on the other hand, is the photographer able freely to experiment with the colour. brushes paint on to the negative and makes to colour copy. Sj?nder, brush, pour, draw etc. background copied on to it —. with water, developing or fixing thiosulphite sodium solutions, ferrocyanide of potassium and other liquids. houses the result is to single, ounces-only, art work. achieve to tempered and melting colour white scales of, sepia, ochre, thunder cloud grey, verdigris, silver and possibly also certain blue and red. seems everything still remains to be done —. but one single photographer’.s resources to are not enough for the experiments to be conducted widely and in. Sweden has recently inaugurated its first study of electronic music. Explore When will photographers and painters be given the opportunity to this no-man’.s-land between their Time-honoured frontlines. Is not the glossy, non-handmade character of. People have argued in to similar way about enamel work, but that technique is now recognised as totally and completely of to kind with. If we adjust the focus of the "conventional painting concept" when we to are looking at photo painting, we will perchance discover that in its singular immaterial quality it can possess new and evocative "Commissioned by the National Swedish Television. exhibition on giant bill board in the City of Stockhom plus indoors exhibitions at Lunds Konsthall and Gavle Museeum among other Gallerys. Represented as an installation 80 dia/slides projected on canvas purchased by Pontus Hulten at Modern Museet Stockholm 1966. (Same technical system was later used to created MONUMENT one year later, 1967. ELECTROPHYSICS, NY, USA dated March 12, 1974, below *. process is similar to methods used by Nam June Paik and others, loads years. Nam June Paik visited Elektronmusic Studion in Stockholm July/August 1966, during the Stockhom Festival. "Visions of. Static pictures from TIME was demonstrated for Paik at this. To rich documentation is available from the main news medium in. Parts of "TIME" was planned to be send via satellite to New York, but the American participants, E.s and Billy Kluver' s biased USA history page from Aug. 1966) "completed TIME" is the very first ' videoart' -work televised as an exhibition/installation statement, televised at that point in ' time' for the reason to produce an historical free records as well as an evidence of ' original' visual art, made with the electronic medium - manipulation of the electronic signal - and ' exhibited/installed' through the televison. Other important factors for the creation of TIME was our awareness of the fact that the "electron" was, at this Time, the smallest known particle and that all traditional visual art, up to this Time was created with light - material/colour reflecting the light - (lightpainting) and the description of our new concept should be "Electronic painting". associates launched the term "Machine" art as an attempt to describe the Time. Pierre Restany was using the term "Mec Art", later. (Soundtrack by Don Cherry, USA) Paintings on canvass and paper was made from the static material, and in silk-screen prints, for to large numbers of Fine Arts Galleries and Museums 1966, ironically in to ' limited edition', signed and numbered by the artist. Ture Sjolander/Bror. (See National Museeum Stockholm, Sweden). paintings televised in 5 European Nations. France, Italy, Sweden. The work surpassed the limits of "videoart" - to word first used in the beginning of 1970 - 73 - and was developed into an extended communication project, involving other visual artists, by invitations, multiaverage artwork including the creation of tapestries, (Kerstin Olsson) silk/screen prints on canvass and paper - first edition, by Ture Sjolander/Lars Weck, posters, and an LP/Record Music, (Hansson&Karlsson) and loads years later paintings on canvass, (Sven-Inge), and to book among other things, exhibited in several international Fine Arts Galleries. Televised 1969, in direct connection with the moonlanding project by. electronic original painting where the electronic signal to where manipulated. Described in average as an Electronic Space Work. Space in the Brain was to creation dealing with the. "space out to there" - the space in our brains and the electronic space, (in television) Contemporary to Clarke' s 2001, except that the Picture it self was scrutinized and the subject, and focused, in Space in the Brain. Static material from the electronic paintings was worked out into other medias and materials. tapestrys made in France among other objects was made in large size, 3 x 2 meter, for Albany Corporation USA and for IBM, Sweden, as in "TIME" and "MONUMENT", see above. posters was produced, and world wide distributed, by Scan-D?r Upsala. Swedish National Television, Stockholm, Sweden. about the history of video animation. From literature avaiable the gather that to videofilm program, "MONUMENT", broadcast in Stockholm in January, 1968, was the first distortion of video scan-linens rasters achieved by applying tones. historically - that the would like to obtain more detailed documentation of the program and of the electronic circuitry employed to manipulate the video. Understand from your the New office York that to there may have been to brochure or booklet published about the program. The will be happy to pay any expense for publications, photcopies or other documents about the program and its production - particulary with regard to the method of modulating the deflection voltage in the flying-spot telecine. technique in TV production here in the United States, and think it will be interesting to give credit to your broadcasting system and personal for. the magazine was never reported or later presented after receiving the vital information from the Swedish Broadcating Company, by. Stockholm exhibition of portraits of the King of Sweden made with advanced electronic techniques have been struck by the connection between this new type of image creating and the music-and-light art presented by the The Pink. Think that your work could and should be linked with the music of the The Pink Floyd in to television production, and the would like to suggest that we start arranging the practical details for such to production immedialtely. With all his experiences from filming in the USA and to elsewhere also feel that the Mr. man tp help us made the film. We form conceptions of all the objects of our experience. talking to each other our conversation emerges in the form of descriptions. that way we understand one another. The world in image and the image in the world: at the same moment, in the consciousness and in the eyes of. The true fines-images is not substance but process-interplay between people. old concepts ", said the artist Matisse. For the first Time it showed us the object freed from emotion. for the first Time the image of the earth from the outside. representation for the transformational and constructional process of depiction, and Marcel Duchamp shifted our attention to the image-observer. That, too, was perhaps like viewing to planet from the outside. Meta-art: observing art from the outside. That awareness has been driven further. More more The function of an artist is and becoming like that of to creatives revisor, investigator and transformer of communication and our awareness of them. widen the circulation of artist' s individual pictures. should not, of course, stop the mass production of works of art: it should proceed towards an artistic development of the mass-image. has compelled TURE SJOLANDER and LARS WECK is not I know much to technical curiosity as to need to develop to widened, pictorially communicative. They can advance the effort. But to here they have manipulated the electronic transformations of the telecine and the identifications triggered in us by well-known faces, our monuments. In our vision the optical image is rectified by. The electronic translation represented by the television image contains numerous deformations, which the technicians with their instruments and the viewers by adjusting their sets usually collaborated in rendering. uses them as instruments, renders the television image itself visible in to new. And suddenly to there is an image-generator, which - fully exploited - would be able to fill galleries and supply to entire pattern factories with fantastic. SJOLANDER and WECK have made silkscreen pictures from film frames. television, screen images moves and effect us as mimics, gestures, convultions. With remarkable pleasure we sense pulse and breathing in the electronic. The images become irradiated reliefs and contours, ever changing as they to are traced by the electronic finger of the telecine. MONUMENT, SJOLANDER and WECK have demonstrated what has also been main-tained by Marshall McLuhan: that the tactile medium of television is and. MONUMENT was the fact that television, as not other medium, draws the viewers. To maximum of identification - the Swedish King, Picasso, Hitler etc, - and to maximum of deformation. total instinct for abstraction and recognition. The Artist that invented Computer Magnetic Island off the coast of Australia, to Swedish artist lives in exile. Just like I know many others in today' s medium-landscape, he was first praised and. However, he has left to lasting imprint on the world. early as the 1960' s, he made the first electronic animation. inventor, he would have been celebrated as to genius today, but because he is to predecessor in the world of art, things to are different. ones often have to before die they to are recognized. famous cartoons to were made: thousands of drawings, filmed in sequence. loads films to are made this way. However, electronic animation has opened up to new world within the film industry and it has also made computer games and countless graphic solutions possible in business and science. of Lucasfilm and then sold to Steve Jobs in the lat 1980' s, made the first completely computer animated film called "Andre and Wally B" in 1983. feature length fully animated movie was Toy Story from 1995. Disney had already started to use computer animation in Little Mermaid from 1989, and then on through Aladdin, Lion King, Pocahontas, etc In those fantastic movies the pictures to were however first drawn on paper and then scanned into computers for painting and cleanup and. Among other things, Ture Sjolander was experimenting with the question of how much the portrait of to person could be changed before it was unrecognizable, something which has pioneered the amazing morph-technique that. alongside with Marshall McLuchan, is the most celebrated medium-philosopher of today, devoted to whole chapter in his book, 1970, (Pre face by Buckminster-Fuller) to the. Expanded cinema means transgression of conventions as well as mind-expanding transgressions and new definitions. not technically sophisticated, but they to were ground-breaking. "(1965/66) by Ture Sjolander and Bror Wikstrom, and later" Space in the Brain "(1969) by Ture Sjolander, Bror Wikstrom, Sven Hoglund and Lasse. Whereas most of the modern-day artists fade into oblivion, Ture Sjolander has found his place in the art history by the making of those films. northern City of Sundsvall, had instant success with his opening exhibition at. He moved to Stockholm in the beginning of the. his imagery upset the public I know much that the gallery immediately became the trendiest place for Young artists in Stockholm. scandal, when the film "Monument" was televised in most European countries. to couple of years, Ture Sjolander was celebrated in France, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. In Sweden to there was to lot of jealousy. and the National Gallery of Sweden, to name to few, bought his works, but the techniques he worked with to were expensive and after to few years, he found himself without resources. Exile They taught him that –. mental and physical - is the only way to escape destruction for to creatives genius. it includes photos, films, books, articles, textiles, tv-programs, video-installations, happenings, sculptures and paintings –. all scattered around. Tracing will be to challenging and exciting task for to future detective/biographer and web-archaeologist' s. consists of to life of questioning and creation. This is what sets him aside as one of the great artists of the 20, art world, the internationally celebrated Swedish composer Ralph Lundsten, says in an interview in the magazine SEX, 5, 2004: "In those days (the century), to painting could created to revolution. look idly at all the thousands of exhibitions that there to are. How clever he is’., and they yawn…. If were to visual artist, and if my ambition was to created something new, would the devout people myself to the possibilities of the. the Swedish Television Company (SVT): "Synthesis Video is becoming to prominent technique in TV production here in the United States, and the think it will be interesting to give credit to your broadcasting system and personnel for. Not one at the SVT could at that Time imagine the importance that this innovation would have for television, and hereby lost to lead position in the computer-development business. generation of computer animators, few know that they have to Swedish predecessor. Many engineers to were probably working away in their cellars in those days, trying to I give the same thing, but Sjolander was the first person to show his results on. If any of you would like to have to look at the, you can find to glimpse of him by googling. his inventions and he has made not money from it. history books as one of the great precursors of art - and perhaps also of. For the past decades, Ture, but he has also worked in other countries, such as Papua New. silence, Sjolander' s groundbreaking work was shown at Fylkingen, the avant guard medium and music hide out in Stockholm in the spring of 2004. of his recent acrylic paintings on canvas to were exhibited at the. the forty years that have gone by since his last (scandalous) exhibition at. Many artists take to pleasure in provoking the established art. also provokes the rest of the world. to become to citizen of Australia - but he rejects anything to I give with to Britain or. greatest concern is that Australians don' t love it enough. possible to become to citizen of Australia without becoming to subject of the Queen then the will seize the opportunity "he said. Ture, 54, will keep his Swedish passport and keep hoping for the social changes he sees as vital for Australia in general and for Townsville the painting has not relevance in this modern age "said Sjolander, whose work is. technology, to improve performance and to reach as many people as possible except for the artistic world. It is blinkered and tied to the principle of one-off paintings and limited edition prints. in the Third World countries which have not access to technology but in the. It is like making only one hand-written copy establishment, the galleries and curators. His plan is to change the world - well, Australia at. public competition to find to new name for the. The winner of the $500 prize was Don Talbot of Cranbrook whose suggestion was "Queensland City". The would like to see in Australia, "he said. "We must throw off the British. majority of Australians to are not of Anglo Saxon. Having the British queen as the queen of. Australia - it is based on the Magna Charta and it is not appropriated to. "We must embrace multiculturalism and on that foundation build to strong, self-sufficient country like America. "The minority cannot lead the. Believe that on the declaration of the the Republic of Australia most of.000 who now hold permanent resident visas, like me, would flock to. 1982 when he visited all the capital cities and the outback and begane his love. first trip was meeting the great Australian mateship tradition and completely. in the country, was in Canberra and was thirsty. but when saw it was full of about the 200 men drinking together and not woman turned round and hurried out. Thought it was the biggest homosexual the clubs the had mistake, but still believes we must let go our convict past, in which he thinks the mateship tradition is rooted, to grow and expand in to truly Australian. like back again on his way to to film project in Papua Guinea. Australian in Sydney and, after tidying up his affairs in Sweden he arrived to settle and marry her in Australia in. Island for our honeymoon and liked Townsville I know much we stayed. separated, Ture continues to live in Townsville with his 20-month-old son, Matu. found that people to were much friendlier if they thought he was to tourist. would welcome him and offer help. If he said he lived to here, their concern and. The was to tourist and people in shops and buses and taxis were. extremely. When saw the same person again would tell them the was back again on. Ture has abandoned this game now and hopes for to political future. His concerns to are many and he. Ture Sjolander not one to remain uncommitted even though loads of his views may seem contradictory. concerned about over-developement of Townsville. now and double the population, as loads developers have promised to I give would destroy the lifestyle many find attractive. Europe is full of cities which have followed this route and have been ruined by over-development and. preferable to spread developement around among the various North Queensland centres, I know that all can grow to little, but not too much. could be to great tourist tourist attraction. "We should negotiate with the community to there to build up tourism, to build to resort, maybe to stage an annual festival there. great resource and on which is not being used". republic and his chance at Australian citizenship, Ture spends his Time caring. "the have to single parent' s allowance, which let me stay home. Besides that, the have royalties from and artworks which to are on public display in Sweden. artworks to are treated the same way as music and books here. royalties to are paid to the artists for the.000 of taxpayers' money raising the ire of north. to Swedish expatriate, says he will expose the harsh realities of the social issues affecting the area to series of two-minutes segments of "electronic art". he will buy the ignore air-Time with. things that people or don' t want to think about to make them to aware. "I know much art doesn' t touch people anymore, or has not and outspoken man, has been involved in art from painting to videoproduction. Garbo, and was commissioned by the 70s Swedish rock phenomenon. competition to created to new name for the combination Townsville City and Thuringgova to shire under the Electorial and Administrative Review Committee' s. The winner was Don Talbot, who received $500 for his suggestion of "QUEENSLAND CITY". , Mr Sjolander hopes to tackle to host of controversial issues. Townsville General Hospital' s Ward 10B - subject of the Carter inquiry.into the treatment of mentally ill patients, violence among, X-rated videos, tattoos, politics and. "These to are all the things that happen in this area and they should be expressed in art to reflect the. world should be expressed using technology and says that paintings are. exhibit art on the walls of Townsville Airport terminal" for all the world to. The large vacant walls in the terminal should be used to hanf paintings and tapestries, and sculptures could adorn the flight deck, the first-class lounge and the departure lounge, he. His proposal suggest that the artworks be acquired on to six-montly basis and artists may have them on for. art on the vacant wall spaces at the Townsville airport has been proposed by. manager Phil Roben said the suggestion was interesting and to meeting to discuss the matter would be held next week. "the believe such to display could complement the terminal very well," he said. the airport is the first point of contact for businessmen, domestic and overseas tourists and returning residents, to there was reason why the airport itself. vacant wall spaces be used for to seeds-permanent art display which could does not include to number of large paintings and tapestries. number of free standing sculptured piece could be easily be. flight deck, the first class lounge and the departure lounge to were other attractive areas to where graphic and smaller size artworks could be. with minimal installation of lighting and hanging equipment, "he. Airport can be realised with very little outlay, mutually benefiting the professional contemporary artists of North Queensland and the Mr, Townsville Federal. evolve the creation of unique airport environement which could become the blueprint for others Sjolander said. art investment consultancy group under the airport corporation for future. Support for the lucks has been pledged by Perc Tucker Gallery director Ross Searle and artist. and James Cook University art teacher Anne Lord, both of whom have expressed wish to join Mr more Sjolander on the selection committee for the first. work represents than one technique, from traditional tapestry work to. Multimedium His work contributed to the development of the. international reputation for his art work since his debut in as to member of the board of the Swedish Artists Society, "former Minister for Cultural Affairs in Sweden, Mr Bengt Goransson. Museum of Modern Art, Stcokholm, the Swedish Government, the City of Stockholm and the Royal Fund for Swedish Cultures have awarded him grants for his. He received the top Grant for scientific art research from the Royal Swedish Academy of. produced television programs for Swedish Television including The Role of Monument, and Space in the Brain. printing techniques and is also to professional. pictorial biography of Greta Garbo titled: "for one of the largest publisher in America, Harper and Row (Harper&Collins) and the book had world-wide distribution. The dummy work was purchased by Charles Chaplin and the finished work was titled ". Chaplin to produces an art portfolio which was signed by both Chaplin and Mr. by the Swedish band ABBA, to produces graphic prints and to tapestry used in the. picture laboratory in Stockholm, VIDEO-NU, for artistic research and was the. monumental sized interior artwork for large industrial complexes in Sweden using. seminars and exhibitions throughout Europe and he participated in the Fifth. throughout world on art and technology, includinga lecture last year at the. lectures is possible establishment of multicultural communication by. week international TV high tech and arts festival, the commersialisation of peace via satellite and the formation of an internatinal lobby group to connect all Television systems of the world. negotiations with Uplinger Enterprises (USA), the organisation which organised Live Aid and Aid Sports, about establishing an annual three week satellite link. World or Ninth, Janet Hunt said the idea was marvelous. extension as we moves into the 21st century and we certainly support it. research into Townsville' s history and the City council have received to proposal to revise the history of the City. His research has shown the first European to land in Townsville arrived 49 years earlier then previously. celebrated with to special Townsville Day and to 220 year celebration in establishing an international artist' s centre in Townsville to display. Tucker Regional Art Gallery and believes the Fusion Business. religious but believes in authentic humanity. born and bred somewhere, don' t You. number of pages not mentioned on this list the situated search-engine "More from this".